In honor of the new season airing on September 1st, I decided to do a TARDIS necklace giveaway! Because who wouldn’t love to have their own little TARDIS?

    There will be two winners. Each winner will receive a TARDIS necklace. You have the choice of raw wood or having it painted metallic blue. You also get the color chain or cord of your choice. 
          *There will also be three runners up who will receive a coupon code for 50% off in my store. 
  •  RULES:
    * Likes and Reblogs both count (although reblogs would be tremendously helpful for me!)
    * You may only reblog once a day. More than once a day and Tumblr goes all wacky with note views, making it harder to correctly pick a winner.
    * You do not have to be following me, so don’t worry about that. ^.^
    *Please do not delete anything on this original post. I would appreciate it greatly! 
    * Have a fun time! 
    The giveaway will end on September 16th at 8pm MST. You have until then to reblog and like this post. 
    I will announce the winners on my blog, as well as messaging the winners and runners up.  

Good luck Whovians and have a good time! :D

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